The et cetera of ETC.

Many times, I am asked what I do for ETC. and what ETC. by Emily even means. I usually answer casually with a shining smile “Everything!”. This often confuses people more, but it is truly an accurate description of my job. Every day Is an exciting new opportunity for me. On Monday and Tuesday, I am an admin for a small business in Scottsdale. On Thursday I am organizing an apartment complex design relaunch in Tempe. Friday I am bartending for a 50thwedding anniversary party for the sweetest elder couple I’ve ever met. Saturday I am a banquet server for a crowd of around 500 people celebrating diversity in the community. Finally, Sunday I, sweetly end the week with a quaint wedding in Paradise Valley tending to all 100 guests. This is what my weeks usually look like, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To some this may seem like a lot, but for me it fuels my love for both service and creativity. The flexibility of my days and roles allows me tap into my portfolio of talents and skills. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, but I also love to bartend. Is that strange, maybe but I have found my tribe of like-minded enthusiast. With this job I can work hard, have fun, and feed my soul. This is what sets the ETC. team apart from other companies because there are so many different opportunities for us all. We are able to find our niches, our passions, and be inspired everyday by the events and moments we help create. ETC. connects us with people and places to do what excites us. Although we are required to be a uniform and professional team you can always pick out the ETC. employee by their hard work ethic and genuine smile for a love of what they do.

By Alexxa, ETC. Team Member