"You're kidding, we can hire someone off the streets for half that rate".  How many times have we heard this from potential clients that think we're rolling in the dough.


  • Recruiting Costs - running ads and job board post
  • Interviewing Costs - fielding applicants, interviewing, following up
  • On Boarding Costs - verifying documents and certifications
  • Payroll Costs - managing hours, requests, schedules, payroll and tax documents
  • Logistics Costs - Right place, right time, right attitude, wearing right attire
  • Human Resource Costs- temporary workers are people too. They need to be shown appreciation, love and made to feel part of team.


  • Cost of Bad hires
  • Cost of Poor Productivity - from new staff that doesn't know and love your business
  • Cost of Lost Mindshare - focusing on having enough people rather than continuing to sell. 
  • Lack of Incentive   
  • Cost of No Shows
  • Cost of Missed Opportunity- too busy managing staff to notice sells and growth opportunities
  • Cost of the UNKNOWN- Boy oh boy, do we have stories to tell of companies doing mass hiring to pull off an event! Let's just say, it would have been better had they not done the event.