The ETC. team is dedicated to helping any way we can. We offer full end to end management of your venue or anything in between because we understand that every venue and their needs are different. 



  • Hold weekly planning meetings to track tasks, review BEO’s, review progress against milestones and due dates.
  • Manage all staff including, but not limited to service staff, bussers, back of house runners, bartenders and dishwashers.
  • Create an inventory tracker to be used to perform opening counts of liquor prior to each event. This tracker is also used to check inventory back in, and cross check against drinks made/sold. 
  • Assist with weekly inventory counts for facility, complete preliminary inventory orders as well as receive and check stock to required levels.
  • Schedule and manage all bar staff ordered for events from appropriate company.
  • Create check in/out time sheets for staff.
  • Create and conduct the pull for each event the day before if possible or day of when not.
  • Assist in setting the Venue standards for service and ensure that any and all food and beverage items are presented and served correctly adhering to those set standards noting any special requests and instructions set on the Banquet Event Order for the event.


  • ETC. can ensure that all relevant and applicable paperwork is filled out correctly, including the Captains Event Sheet, and copies are distributed as required. 
  • ETC. can create guides and/or samples of what is needed on a BEO in order to set and fulfill all areas of service. 
  • ETC. can set standards, train staff and ensure moving forward that all staff members return all equipment to the storage areas and that the room/area is left clean and organized. Unconsumed liquor and wines should be returned to the banquet service bar/area.
  • Create a reporting system so that any and all happenings at each function can be effectively and promptly shared with the Manager of Operations and Catering and/or CEO so that they may follow up in the appropriate manner.
  • Create and compile the station registers and assign duties to banquet staff and supporting banquet captains assigned to that specific event or function.
  • Ensure that the name of every staff member assigned to an event or function appears on the banquet sign-in sheet and that each staff members signs the sheet prior to leaving the event or function.
  • Train the ETC. Team to efficiently prepare the area or room in its entirety for a function or event, prior to the guests’ arrival in a timely manner.

DAy of event Manager

The Event Managers job is to focus on the venue, representing your business to ensure that the interest of the venue is being considered and cared for. 
  • Arrive early the day of the event to do a walk through before vendors, clients of guests arrive. 
  • Set up restrooms as well as bridal and groom suites.
  • Open the Venue for vendors and manage traffic flow and set up.
  • Put out "fires" that come up with the venue and vendors. 
  • Work with vendors to foresee any problems and make recommendations. 
  • Assist with management of the timeline to make sure everything flows smoothly 
  • Make sure Vendors leave with everything they are responsible for. 

Day of Coordinator

The Day of Coordinator is focused on the Guests of the Event to make sure that everything is perfect for their special day. (Often times this is a service fee that can be passed on to the venue's clients).