"How do you find these people?"

We're sharing our Secret Sauce! We get asked all the time, "how do you find these people"? If you have the time to read, you're going to get some good insight into how it is we are able to do what we do. Think we're just like any other staffing agency? We're not. We do things a little differently and our results are wildly different!

5 Hour Minimum

There is a 5 hour minimum per ETC. Team member per shift.

We'd like to stay in business- so there's that! Anything less than 5 hours is not profitable.

What it's really about

Our people! The Truth- no one wants to work a shift that's less than 5 hours, especially an ETC. Team Member that follows our process of cleaning and pressing their clothes, grooming, pre-planning to ensure their early or on-time and getting in "the mood" so their happiness at the event is genuine and shines bright!

Make no mistake. Our team would do it if we asked them to, and even be happy about it, but we won't do that to our people. They're much too valuable. Have you met them?


  • Using another temporary staffing option. No seriously. Not every job is right for ETC. and our team. Knowing when to say NO makes us that much more awesome for the events when we get to say YES!
  • Having the ETC. team members help out before or after their main role. We're pretty awesome like that! Our servers can jump right in and help with the set up, but let us know in advance so we can prepare and dress appropriately. 

Our people are our product and keeping them bright, shiny and happy is important to us and our loyal customers


ALL Communication goes through ETC. Operations

All communication must go through ETC. Operations. This isn't because our company is lead by some control freak- it's quite the opposite.

We got a lot invested in our people. They aren't just bodies, they're unique individuals on our team. Recognizing this and investing our time to get to know them personally allows us to be really effective at communicating with them. 

Honestly, logistically, it just makes sense

We've done this awhile. Having one point of contact (ETC. Director of Operations) means you only ever need to make one phone call or text and it gets done.

  • No frustration wondering if they received the message
  • No wondering if your instructions were understood.
  • No explaining the same thing multiple times.
  • No answering questions.
  • No fielding suggestions.


You tell our Operations what the team needs to know and we'll take it from there. SIMPLE. 

Staff Names and Phone Numbers

Exceptions.We understand that some events may require you being able to communicate with our ETC. team members directly during the event.

 Operations should be notified of this prior to event day (make a note in the "message" section of the Work Order Form. 

The Director of Operations will instruct their team to provide their cell phone numbers to you when they arrive onsite for check in. This information is not to be kept on file and must be destroyed/deleted at the end of the event.

Work Order Requests Must be Submitted Online

It's understandable that our customers sometimes send emails or text with work orders, because hey, we're like family or old friends and the formality of the form can seem less personal.

Here's the thing.

It's out of sheer adoration and respect the we kindly respond to work orders request that come in via text or email with a coined response "Please put in a work order request online".  Really. 

What happens when a customer clicks the HIRE US button and fills out the online Work Order Request?

Our Operations team can easily understand the request and gets busy working on picking just the right ETC. team members for the job.

What happens when a customer doesn't hit the HIRE US button, but instead emails, text or calls in a request?

Absolute Chaos! Maybe that's a little dramatic, but the point is the process doesn't go as smoothly as it should. Information is left out. Emails go back and forth.