How to Hire

Where do all these Bright, Shiny, Happy People come from?

We are often asked where all of these bright shiny and happy people come from - well, that's a lock down secret for only us to know. Just kidding! 

We like every other company on earth tried the advertising route.. Craigslist snagajob, etc. it just didn't work. What we found was the amount of time it was taking for us to go through applicants and do the interviews was stopping us from being able to spend the time we needed to with our team. We took a moment and really looked at what worked. We have seen time and time again that the best person to spot an ETC. team member is one of their own. So ETC. recruits from the inside out. Basically you have to know someone or know someone who knows someone to get on the team. The person who brings someone on shows them the ropes puts them under their wing truly making the ETC. Team a family.