I started ETC. on a wing and a prayer. The truth is, after several years of working in hospitality and management, I couldn't find a job and with two teenage boys to feed that was a huge problem. I often hear the term "leap of faith". I actually think that in most situations it's more of a push than a leap, and then if you are lucky you find out that you have wings. I am truly lucky, rather blessed, I have found my wings.

For the first year it truly was ETC. by Emily. I was a soloprenuer wearing all the hats, working crazy hours and just trying to get by. My hard work brought more business, along with opportunity, and so I grew; becoming ETC. by Emily and Haley and then ETC. by Emily, Haley and Lexi and then...you get my point.

What I found is that the number one thing that businesses need to grow is people. Good people. You can be the best at something but one person alone can only do so much. Without good help businesses are at a stand-still at best. What the ETC. team does is take people's lives and businesses to the next level by providing them Bright, Shiny (Brilliant), Happy People! 

My passion, my gift is being able to connect passionate business owners with Bright, Shiny, Happy People and in doing so everyone wins. My clients are both my ETC. clients and my ETC. team. We all have dreams and my wish is to make everyone's come true!

- Emily Sadler, Founder of ETC. by Emily